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What is Microsilica?

Microsilica, also known as silica fume, microsilica concrete, amorphous silica.

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Microsilica has historically been considered a waste product. However, from the mid of 1970s,microsilica has discovered as a new-style special materials, which can be used in a variety of productive ways. Microsilica increases the compression and abrasion resistance of high-performance concrete and high compactness make concrete against the attack from other chemical elements. In the refractory industry, microsilica increases high temperature strength and thermal conductivity in castables.

Application of microsilica

Microsilica in concrete industry application
Microsilica in refractory industry application
Microsilica in rubber industry application
Microsilica in water glass industry
Microsilica in drilling industry
Microsilica as anti-caking agent
Microsilica as pellet binders and other fields.